25 Decorating Tips to Turn Any Home into a Country Dream

A couple of years ago, modern was all the rage. Everyone and their sister were obsessed with only the sleekest metals along with cool and sharp colors. Modern is excellent, modern makes one feel like they are living in the future. You know what modern is not? Modern is not warm. For some, this might not be an issue at all. But, there are others who want a home and not a house. What’s more, these people want a home that is warm. A home that is comfortable and a home that is live able. It is all well and good having the latest styles in your house. But, what good is it if you can’t lounge around on said furniture.

This is where country decor comes in. Country decor can not only be stylish, but it is also welcoming. This decorating makes one feel at home as soon as they enter the room. These people feel satisfied curling up with a blanket or sharing a meal with family in a room that speaks of the country. If this is the kind of home that you are looking for, then a full-scale remodel is unnecessary. What you need is just a couple of the following 25 tips to create a home that would fit right in in the country.

Up-cycled wooden box

With this little item color, shape and size are of little to no importance. The beauty here is its versatility. You can place it in the middle of the table with some lovely flowers or a couple of pieces of seasonal fruit.  The point is to add some color and character to an otherwise dull table.

Wood with mounted metal tins

An item such as this positively screams about the perfect country lifestyle. The addition of such raw materials will add texture to any room. The bonus here is that the tins are not only attractive, but they are also incredibly useful. You can toss absolutely anything in the tins, depending of course on the room in question.

Unique utensil holders

Why stick to the same old utensil holder that everyone else has? This item is unique. This item will make every visitor think that you are a decorating genius. Who else but a genius would think of using an old rake as a hanger for utensils? A kitchen is a place that feeds the whole family, and it should reflect such comfort.

A rope sign that is made by yours truly

Wall hangings that are made by the house’s occupants tell a story. They show that the family is not only living in the space but that they are also interacting with it. This is the core of country living. This love sign made from rope is wonderfully effortless and will infuse style and love to the room it occupies.

A different use for ceiling fans

It might seem odd to use a ceiling fan as a decorative piece. But, if it is made of wood like this, then it could turn out to be the perfect feature. It will not detract attention from other pieces, but it sure will catch the eye, making the room wonderfully interesting.

Entryway inspired by a farmhouse

If you truly are planning to go all-out when it comes to the rustic theme. Then what better place to start than the entryway. By infusing this portion of the house with a rustic style, you will give your guests a taste of what is to come.

Use mason jars to decorate

These days mason jars can be used for anything. If farmhouse is what you are looking for, then pick up that jar lying around and throw some lace on it. Add some color along with a flower or two, and you’ve got yourself a perfect item.

Treestump vase

The charm of a farmhouse comes from the fact that nature is never too far away. A treestump vase could be the perfect way to bring some nature into your home. This item does not need to be brought, and it can be made at home making it delightfully green.

Mason jar lanterns

A feature of farmhouses is natural light. Luckily, there is no need to turn off the electricity to achieve this effect. Throw a couple of pebbles in a mason jar along with a lovely little candle, and you have a lantern that could have come right off the pages of a book.

A rustic wreath

You might associate wreaths exclusively with Christmas. But, if you take a moment to consider, then you will realize that there are no rules here. Why not build your rustic wreath and hang it up? There is no reason to leave the festive spirit in the festive season.

A farmhouse style towel rack

Farmhouse décor is not all about frills and wood. There is also a touch of industrialism that can be used to achieve the perfect rustic effect. An appropriate place for this is the bathroom. Where else would a pipe towel rack go?

Reclaimed wood wall-hanging

On the journey of creating your best home, it is always a good idea to be mindful of the environment. How better to do this than by hanging some reclaimed wood on your wall? It will add a touch of color and style without impacting the world around you.

Homemade cotton branches

With this tip, we head back into the realm of handmade pieces. This piece is so incredibly easy. It would take a couple of minutes literally to throw together, but the result will be wildly more impactful. The idea here is understated and natural.

Wooden tray

Again, we have a piece that can be made in the comfort of your own home. While a lovely whitewash is elegant in an understated way, there is no need to stick to this exclusively. You can use any shade of paint that strikes your fancy.

Picture frame hangers reclaimed from old drawers

Those old drawers already have handles on them. Why not use those handles to hang a couple of things on them? While we are on the topic, they could be the perfect place for your picture frames. Mix and match the frames to give the room character.

Message board

How do people without message boards even remember to buy milk when they run out? With this DIY message board, you will luckily not form part of this group. Throw some wood and paint together, and you have yourself a board that is useful and a delight to look at.

A ladder

Yes, you read that correctly. A ladder. Not one that firemen use but rather an old ladder made of wood that no longer has any use. You can put it to use by placing it up against a wall and then hanging blankets or towels on it. The options are endless.

A door basket

A door is not generally the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to decorating. This is a mistake, and it should not go uncorrected. This lovely little basket is the perfect thing to give ab otherwise bland doorway some personality.

More mason jars on walls

See, mason jars can be used for absolutely anything. With this piece of decoration, you can change the mood of the season. Pick a flower that is pretty and seasonal, and your home will feel like it is one with nature. There is nothing like a bright flower on a blue day.

Side table that has been re-purposed

To create balance with the rustic theme, it is a good idea to mix and match when it comes to metal and wood. Use too much wood and your home will look more like a cabin than a farmhouse. This re-purposed side table will help you achieve this balance.

Wall chevrons made of reclaimed wood

Not all farmhouse decorations need to be functional. It is completely allowable to include something because it is interesting or unique directly. Using reclaimed wood to create these chevrons will surely be an interesting addition. People will wonder where you get your ideas from.

Vegetable stand

On a farm, people love to eat, and they do it a lot. This will come as no surprise if you think about all the work that is done on a farm. In the spirit of this, take out your veggies and put them on display for all to see. A farm-style rack like this will be the perfect place to put together this display.

Coffee table

What is a living room without a coffee table? A wildly non-functional room that is what it is. If your living room is sadly lacking in a coffee table, then take the opportunity to inject the room with a rustic edge. That can be quickly done by including a farmhouse coffee table.

Wooden curtain rods

The eye is not always drawn to curtain rods. They exist quite high above eye-level. But, with the right materials, you could effectively draw people’s eyes up to your newest attraction. This attraction being non-other than wooden rods that you made yourself.

Wooden wall sconce

This last item will require wood again. This should come as no surprise considering that rustic and wood are ultimately inseparable. To make the perfect farmhouse wall sconce, take some wood and give it a coat of whitewashed paint.

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