Double Bunk Beds

Double Bunk Beds

Worrying about how much space two beds can take up in a single room is a thing of the past. With double bunk beds, it will only take up the space that a regular-sized bed does. If you have children who insist having their own beds but your house cant afford to have separate rooms for them, double bunk beds would be the ultimate solution. Double bunk beds save room space so that your children’s room can still have ample space for their other activities like playing.

The Caroline Twin Over Double Bunk Bed is a perfect example of good-quality double bunk beds. This provides you with two full-sized beds, and comes with a sturdy wooden ladder. For safety reasons, the upper deck is equipped with side railings to prevent the user from falling during sleep. This is ideal for children who share a room.

If you are looking for double bunk beds that you can have for slumber parties or countless sleepovers, then check out Summer Haven Twin Over Double Bunk Bed. This is so good that your children may all want to have the upper deck. This bed uses a Hi-Lo Bed Rail Locking System for your bed height requirements. Hi usually used for under bed storage while Lo if you need a toddler bed.

For double bunk beds that possess a distinct and classy finish, the GenAmerica Classic Cherry Twin Over Double Bunk Bed Bedroom Set tops them all. This is made from sturdy wood to provide you with a state-of-the-art durability. Your grandsons and daughters may be able to use this bed, as well, someday. For safety, both beds have top and bottom railings; and the top bed also has side railings.

Double bunk beds are good to have especially if your family starts growing. You can have these beds so that your siblings can have a common room; thus, allowing them to grow closer to each other. You can also use the bottom part of the bunk in case you would like to have some storage space . These beds are totally space-saving and packed with safety features.

Double Platform Beds Bedtime Storage

Are you in the middle of a too many stuff, so little space scenario? Well, you must get yourself a double platform bed. This bed provides you with two benefits space and storage. If you want a spacious bed, then the double platform bed is what you need. If you need ample storage space, then this bed will also work for you. Right underneath this bed are drawers that you can use so that you can keep your things neatly.

The double platform bed works in two ways but provides you one common benefit comfort. You can roll around this bed during your sleep because of its size. No need to worry about purchasing additional drawers or cabinets because this bed provides you with a lot. This means that you can use the free space you have in your bedroom for other things like a widescreen TV or another entertainment appliance, maybe.

A perfect example of a double platform bed is the Prepac Espresso Tall Double Platform Storage Bed. This bed provides you with 12 drawers that you can use to store your clothes, toys (if you still have any), pillows, and mattresses. With this bed, you can surely save up and maximize your bedroom space.

The drawers in this Prepac Espresso Tall double platform bed use all-metal roller glides so that you can smoothly pull them out or push them in. Each drawer has a depth of 19 inches so that you can keep almost everything you can see inside your room. The drawers also have built-in safety stops so that it even if you pull them with massive force, they would not fall down the floor. Needless to say this really saves your toes from incurring any injuries. It may not seem that important but you surely would see its value in the long run.

The Prepac Espresso Tall double platform bed measures 57 inches wide, 27 inches high, and 76.5 inches deep. This bed also requires assembly. The entire bed is made of high-quality laminated composite wood for durability.

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