Full Size Loft Bed

When you have limited bedroom space, want more than what your bedroom can contain or you just want something different, loft beds are great for any bedroom.  It is a bed where you can rest or sleep, space for you to study, work or entertain and a substantial storage area.

Designing a full size loft bed would really depend on what you want your bedroom to be like.  You can go for a more modern look and use metal full size loft bed which comes in different colors or one that would fit the design of your room.  There are classic looking loft beds that come in wood design.  They have either light or dark wood finishes.  You can have them stained or retain its natural look so the wood grain would be highlighted.  You can also opt to have the bed painted to whatever color would match your room or your theme.

Because these beds are elevated at a considerable height above the floor, it saves a lot of space that otherwise would have just been taken up by the bed alone.  The space under neat the loft bed can be used for other furnishings like a desk or a sofa bed.  Loft beds are popular in children’s rooms for the fantasy and fun of living high up, dormitories and studio apartments to maximize the small space. If you are using regular beds, you would have extra floor space for the closets or cabinets, dresser or vanity, drawers, desk or workspace and probably other containers to contain additional things in the room.  It is difficult to organize a room that does not have too much space.  If getting a bigger room or knocking down the walls to make your room bigger is not possible, the next best thing is to have a full size loft bed.  It is just a simple platform or a high bunk bed with an empty space below it with a stairs or a ladder that you can use to climb up to your sleeping area.

There are many options for using the empty space below the bed. It can be put to good use for storage.  You can put drawers or an armoire or shelves to help you organize your things. You can put in a study table for your computer and printer plus a keyboard shelf and other extra shelves for your books and other study or work paraphernalia. An armoire would also be good storage area for hanged and folded clothes and other personal possessions.  If you just want an open space for clothes, it is very easy to put in a metal tube along the bed’s length for hanging your clothes.

The empty space under the bed can also be used to put in another bed but it is unlike the regular bunk bed where the other bed is directly under.  In loft beds, the extra space is usually perpendicular to the other bed. A couch, bean bags or stools would also be a good idea to provide additional seating space for visitors who may want to hang out in the room.  You can also use it as an entertainment area, with television or home theater set-up.  In fact, you can put a curtain around the area to provide a dark room for film viewing. It can also be put to good use as a craft area where you can do your craft work and store craft materials.

A full size loft bed usually measures 44″ width, 78″ length and 72″ height and can withstand a weight of 200 pounds but it can also come in different sizes like full, twin and queen. They can also be customized according to what you want depending on the height of the ceiling and the size of the room. You can opt to have one built or buy a readymade loft bed that is pre-assembled or that you need to assemble at home. Some kits already come with the accessories like study table, shelves, vanity tables or cabinets.  On the other hand, you can also purchase just the bed and put in whatever existing table or cabinet you have.

What is most important when buying or building a full size loft bed is that it should be something that would be put to good use and would serve the very purpose for which you originally planned it would.